A significant problem in many high-demand religions today is relationship disruption due to a shift in religious belief by a husband, wife, family member, or friend.   We are committed to helping those who experience this challenge navigate it with the intention that the relationship will not only survive but thrive.  The new territory may look different, but with understanding and commitment the journey can lead to higher ground.  It can become–not a fall–but an ascension.

Hence the symbol of our work…the feather

It Started With  A Conversation

The HMJ Foundation began with some real talk. One night we got together to mourn yet another family torn apart over faith differences: the wife had been agnonizing over her faith crisis, hoping it was just a passing issue she could fix, but once she realized it wasn’t going away she told her husband–and father to her 2 adorable baby boys. He was devastated, and in desperation reached out to his parents for advice.  They encouraged him to divorce, telling him their children needed to be raised by a righteous mother.  The couple separated. Neither could afford counseling, and it’s not like there’s a standard way to handle these relationship crises over faith journeys in Sunday school, complete with an easy-to-read faith journey handbook that could save marriages, families and friendships.  If only…

Everyone knows someone with a similar story -and we began asking ourselves why does it have to be this way? –why must so many relationships end? And, more importantly, how can we help?   Thousands of people in need should have easy access to: booklets with practical guidelines on how both sides of the faith aisle can help a relationship thrive, and a podcast with real people’s stories and call-in-style relationship advice.

One of us said, “I wish we could offer assistance for free,” and another responded, “Maybe we can.”  And so the Healthy Mormon Journeys (HMJ) Foundation and Healthy MoJo podcast was born.  With research and experience we realized relationship patterns in crisis over belief changes share so much with other high-demand religions, that we want to help all relationships.   And here we are today, with hope that all parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, children, and friends will show unconditional love and support to those whose beliefs change–that they are still the same people, and their relationships have the power to take flight and reach new heights. 


Services provided by trained therapists.


We focus on relationship principles, not beliefs.


We donate our time to those who need it most.

One of my best friends, very active in the church sent me an HMJ podcast last night. She said that it was excellent and summarized how responding with love was the best way to maintain relationships with those who leave the church and how many of those people leaving are big-hearted, good people of integrity. I responded with, 'Well, I hope everyone in my circle listens and responds this way.' And we hugged. WIN!


Being in between jobs, my wife and I couldn't afford counseling and my faith crisis was really driving a wedge. Being able to work through our issues without judgment or feeling persuaded one way or another to stay or leave the church together was exactly what we needed.


I wish this foundation had existed when my daughter told us she was having a faith crisis, I think counseling could have saved us from some unnecessary strain in the relationship. Luckily I was able to send this to our grandson and he could tell we were here to support him, and he responded that he respected our beliefs and was so happy to know we were there for him. Thanks for a great experience HMJ!